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Land and People in Harmony: Preserving the Past,
Serving the Present, Anticipating the Future

Sustainable Site Design: Listening to owners, nature, the public and municipalities


  • Feasibility Studies
  • Subsurface Sewage Disposal Systems Design
  • Subdivision Design
  • NYSDEC Wetlands Permits
  • Commercial Site Plan Design
  • Stormwater Treatment Facilities
  • Wastewater Treatment Facilities
  • Foundation Inspections
  • Infrastructure Sustainability Analysis
  • Water Supply Facilities
  • NY State Environmental Quality Review
  • NYSDOT Entrance and Drainage Design
Beacon Map
Beacon Waterfront TOD and 2 Mixed-Use Core Areas on Main Street

Hudson Valley Smart Growth Alliance

Most Recent Event - Will Transit Oriented Development Save Our Cities?

Held on Tuesday 11/1/2011 at the Beacon Institute for Rivers & Estuaries

Transit Oriented Development (TOD) = Increased Commercial and Residential Density near Transportation Hubs.
TOD is being created all over the United States and Europe.
Can we learn from other's mistakes and do it right?
Lessons in Public Participation: Christchurch and Rotterdam

Harvey Flad
Harvey Flad

Urban Renewal and Model Cities: What can we learn from Poughkeepsie's past mistakes?

Urban Renewal and Model Cities: Lessons Learned Harvey Flad is Emeritus Professor of Geography at Vassar College. His scholarship is focused on cultural and historic landscapes and environmental and urban planning in America. He has taught courses at Vassar in Geography and Environmental, American and Urban Studies. He has co-authored the book Main Street to Mainframes: Landscape and Social Change in Poughkeepsie.

James Slaughter
James Slaughter

What Does Transit Oriented Development Look Like?

Beacon is not Yonkers: It needs a Gentler Touch. James Slaughter has worked in Legislative Advocacy on behalf of African Americans on issues such as affordable housing, small business development, voter restoration for parolees and funding education. He has served the City of East Orange, New Jersey as their director of Policy, Planning and Development, coordinating the development of 11 redevelopment plans. James came to the Hudson Valley at the invitation of Scenic Hudson serving for two years as their Director of Land Use Advocacy and has remained, getting involved in Beacon, starting his own Consultaint Firm providing services in support of economic development, housing production, and technical projects for the revitalization of rural, suburban and urban areas, He currently serves the City of Peekskill as their Economic Development Specialist.

Nadine Lemmon
Nadine Lemmon

What does Metro-North offer the Mid-Hudson Valley?

Metro-North: What does it do for the Valley? ... and Why Should Residents Pay for it? Nadine Lemmon is the Albany Legislative Advocate for the Tri-State Transportation Campaign. She is working to advance sustainable transportation policies to ensure safer streets, improved bus service, and adequate transportation funding. As a two-term elected official in Gardiner, New York, she worked to pass and implement smart growth zoning laws. As a member of the Region 8 MPO, Ulster County Transportation Council, she helped to oversee all federally funded transportation projects in Ulster County.

Hoffman House
Hoffman House through the Wrought Iron Front Gate
Photo by Darryl Bautista, Poughkeepsie Journal, April 27, 2011


Connecting the Past with the Future

Repurposing Hoffman House, Reynolds House & Upper Landing for the 21st Century

Upper Landing is a link between the historic Dutch presence in the Hoffman House and modern Dutch Design of the laminated timber Bridge-Over-the-Falkill; and can become a link between Historical Industrial Activities and Sustainable Power Generation in the Fallkill; and between Young People's Education at the Children's Museum and Adult Education in Restoration Technologies at the Reynolds Eco-Innovation Center.

Upper Landing gives the City of Poughkeepsie a unique opportunity to participate in the increased tourism generatd by the Walkway Over the Hudson by providing facilities for bicycle rental, gifts and refreshments.

The Upper Landing Committee intends to work with local educational organizations such as Marist College, Vassar College and Dutchess Community College to plan exhibits and activities to highlight the area's industrial history, its early Dutch Roots, and the ecological significance of the Fallkill Creek and the Hudson River Estuary.

The Dutch designed laminated timber Bridge-Over-the-Fallkill will become a tourst destination in its own right with a viewing platform for observing activities on the Hudson and the Fallkill.

Solid Waste

Solid Waste Disposal Heirarchy
Heirarchy of Materials Management

20 years ago the New York State Legislature created the Resource Recovery Agencies throughout the Mid-Hudson Region.

These agencies have built and operated transfer stations, recycling facilities, a waste-to-energy plant and established hazardous waste disposal programs.

Counties must now submit acceptable Solid Waste Management Plans for their next 20 years of operation.

The DEC is requiring counties to increase their ability to reduce, reuse and recycle its waste following a plan called BEYOND WASTE.

It is time for local counties to take advantage of a recent Supreme Court ruling that gives them more control over the waste generated within County boundaries.


  • More than 20 years representing developers and institutions before the Planning Boards of towns in Dutchess County, NY.
  • Innovative approaches to infrastructure, minimizing the impact on the land. Collaborative approach with adjoining property owners and planning boards to achieve approvals without excessive strife and opposition.
  • Subdivision projects ranging from 2 lots to 130 lots, conventional and clustered, with or without central sewer and water.
  • Helping clients with Site Plans for Bright Horizons Day Care Centers, a Buddhist Monastery, Vassar College Student Housing.

Site Planning with Nature

Casperkill Day Care Center
Casperkill Day Care Center
Bone Fish Grill
Bone Fish Grill
Vassar College Student Housing
Vassar College Student Housing

Preserving the Past

Waterlands Monitoring Plan
Waterlands Monitoring Plan

Each piece of property is unique. The parcel was half working farm, half forest. The owner wanted to preserve the farm as a going concern that could be operated by the Home Owner's Association. Building homes and septic systems in the woods would have destroyed the forest. Therefore, a small wastewater treatment facility was designed to serve the clustered subdivision. Extensive buffers were provided for the Federal Wetlands located on the property and each lot was carefully designed to preserve existing mature trees.

Anticipating the Future

Turtle Culvert
Turtle Culvert

Abundant wildlife congregating around wetlands and vernal pools are an asset to be featured, not feared. If migration paths from summer nesting to winter mud hibernating intersect with roads or driveways, culverts designed as wildlife corridors can be provided to enable humans and amphibians to co-exist.

Construction Inspection

Construction Inspection
Construction Inspection


  • Principal

    Jansen Engineering, PLLC

    (Civil Engineering industry)
    December 2008 to Present
    Strategic Land Development Support Services for Subdivisions, Commercial and Institutional projects.

  • Group Coordinator

    Hudson Valley Smart Growth Alliance

    (Civic and Social Organization industry)
    March 2002 to Present
    Coordinated Planning for Biodiversity, April 2008.
    Coordinated participation in 2006 and 2007 Building Green conferences. Planned Hamlets: Priority Growth Areas, 2006.

    Working Group Member, 2002 to 2005
    Assisted in planning the following events and conferences: Smart Growth, Smart Jobs; Transit Oriented Development; Wind Power; Transfer of Development Rights; Cost of Sprawl; Decentralized Wastewater Systems; Strengthening our Hamlets, Villages and Cities; Affordable Housing and Smart Growth Successes.

  • Class of 2010

    Pace University School of Law

    (Real Estate law specialization)
    2006 to 2010

  • Project Manager

    Hudson Valley Development Group, LLC

    (Civil Engineering industry)
    September 2008 to December 2008
    Prepare documentation and attend negotiation sessions to settle contract dispute between developer and construction manager. Negotiate and manage contracts for Architectural, Engineering Services and Sales Promotions for numerous residences. Provide advice and support services during partnership restructuring involving four properties, six limited liability corporations and multiple private equity investors. Provide engineering project management services for cluster subdivision involving Three-Way Agreement between developer, town and county authority. Negiotiate conservation agreement with Land Trust. Obtain approvals from state, county and local authorities with significant initial resistance from the local planning board that resulted in project nomination for innovation award from County Planning Federation.

  • Project Manager

    Spectra Engineering, Architecture and Surveying, P.C.

    (Civil Engineering industry)
    February 2001 to September 2007
    Managed multiple projects, subdivisions and commercial designs that involved obtaining all relevant permits and approvals from federal, state, county and local planning and zoning boards. Co-managed and supervised engineering assistants, drafters and surveyors.

  • Civil Engineer

    Hayward and Pakan

    (Civil Engineering industry)
    1987 to 2001

  • Assistant Engineer

    Hayward and Pakan Associates

    (Civil Engineering industry)
    February 1986 to February 2001
    Designed wastewater treatment facilities, stormwater facilities, subdivision roads, wastewater collection systems and general commercial and subdivision infrastructure.

  • Assistant Conference Coordinator

    International Religious Foundation

    (Education Management industry)
    June 1979 to November 1985
    Provided travel, planning, transcription and publishing services for academic conferences on topics of liberation theology, feminist theology, world religions and numerous inter-religious dialogues. Provided travel and planning services for college students; Korea to study and experience major world religions.

  • Education

    Pace University School of Law

    J.D. , Law , 2006 to 2010

    Unification Theological Seminary

    Master , Religious Education , 1979

    University of Canterbury

    B.Sc. , Civil Engineering , 1970 to 1975

Jansen Engineering, PLLC
Jolanda G. Jansen, P.E., Principal

Jolanda G. Jansen, P.E. has practiced Site Plan and Subdivision Engineering in Dutchess County, NY since the mid-1980s.

Prior to founding her own firm in 2009, she worked for locally well-known firms Hayward and Pakan Associates, Morris Associates and Spectra Engineering.

Born in the Netherlands, she received her degree in Civil Engineering in New Zealand. Regular travel to both countries keeps her up-to-date with Land Development trends in both Europe and the South Pacific.

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